Off Road Electric Scooter


Electric kick scooters are developing fast and getting quicker and more versatile by the day. So it is no surprise that there are off road versions available for those who want to have fun and explore this new powerful vehicle in a sportier manner in rough terrain. Here are some of the main things to consider when selecting an off road electric scooter.

As with all things off-road, the better the build, the sturdier and more reliable they are. Don’t expect the budget off-road scooter to be “king of the hill”. Safety is also dependent on proper equipment such as electric brakes with suspension and tires that can take the punishment of rough terrain. Riding off road comes with risks, but if you choose a proper off road electric scooter it will be safe and reliable. Always make sure to read the manual and instructions and take proper care of your scooter before and after each ride. Always wear a helmet and other protective gear. Off roading can be fun, however some off road scooters are incredibly fast with a lot of instant power ready to be unleashed. It can bite you if you are not careful.

First and foremost, you will want high ground clearance and proper suspension so you can handle the rough terrain. The suspension should have sufficient travel to soak up bumps on the road. For aggressive off-roading, a dual tube rear suspension such as on the iX4 or an adjustable spring front and rear suspension like on the iX6 would be recommended. 10-11" street tires are typically ok for light off road and trails. If you want to hit the gravel and steeper inclines, dedicated off road tires are better. Electric-powered vehicles produce a lot of torque which means you get a lot of power right away from standing still or high inclines which is very effective for off road conditions.

Depends on your preferences. For light off-road and trails, you can get a decent machine for £560 and upwards such as the iX4 or iX5 electric scooter. For more aggressive rides, we would recommend scooters of our Expert tier, such as the 1000W iX6.