About Us

At iHoverboard, we’re revolutionizing urban travel with a category-leading brand, differentiated products and services that our riders love. We’re here to tackle some of Earth’s biggest issues and create a meaningful change for individuals and the wider world.


Who We Are

We are iHoverboard! We are as agile as an ant, yet full of turbo-boosted power! At iHoverboard we are constantly striving to improve the ease and quality of your life.

What We Offer

We provide funny hoverboards, lightweight electric scooters, and powerful off road electric scooter built for all terrains, making your daily commute, leisure activities, or exciting outdoor adventures fun, affordable, and eco-friendly.

Why Choose Us

The trendiest styles, best-in-class performance and quality, uncompromising service, and affordable prices–that’s why.


We offers hoverboards for riders of all ages. From our most basic models to our self-balancing, off-roading, bluetooth connected models, we guarantee there is something for everyone. 

Electric Scooters

It’s the perfect solution for urban commuters who want to enjoy an unobstructed ride to work and a fun time gliding through the city. Embrace an easier, more efficient life with an electric scooter!

Your Personal Transportation Assistant

Every hoverboard is a practical, safe and ultra fun ride, every electric scooter is a perfect solution to the "first and last mile" connectivity for commuters, and every off road electric scooter is an excellent companion for spur-of-the-moment outings for families and friends, as well as a great way to embrace a greener, healthier lifestyle.

To provide the ultimate outdoor experience for children, teens and adults through innovative, environmentally friendly, and creatively designed products.

Pay in 3. Anywhere

Pay in three equal interest-free instalments.

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