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iScooter i9 Electric Scooter for Commuting

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  • Optional helmet and seat will be shipped Separately
Key Features
  • Practical 18.6miles (30km) range, very fast 3-5 hours charge time
  • 15.5mph (25km/h) top speed, 350W front wheel motor with three speed modes 
  • Premium ride with quality steel frame, featuring large 8.5-inch wheels, honeycomb solid tyres and puncture prevention fluid for increased comfort and safety
  • Class-leading IP54 waterproof with warranty backing for reliable wet weather riding ability
  • The lightest electric scooter at 26.4 lbs(12kg) weight
  • High 264.5lbs(120kg) load limit-perfect for heavier riders and luggage
  • Easy folding mechanism for quick pack down and storage
  • 12 months manufacturer warranty
  • UK-held replacement parts 
  • Integrates with the KCQ app
i9 Parameters
Max Speed 15.5mph (25km/h)
Max Range 18.6 miles (30km)
Climbing angle 15%
Shock absorption No
Water resistance IP54
Dimensions and Weight
Product dimension - Unfolded 42*17*44 inch / 108*43*112 cm
Product dimension - Folded 42*17*19 inch/108*43*50 cm
Net weight 26.4 lbs/12 kg
Battery capacity 36V 7.5Ah 270Wh
Charging time 3-6 H
Smart Battery Management System Yes
Maximum power 350 W
Wheel drive Front wheel
Front Brake E-ABS Electronic Brake
Rear Brake Disc Brake 
Lights Front LED + Rear LED lights
Brake lights Yes (Flashing)
Turn lights Yes
Ambient lights No
Tyres type Honeycomb Solid tire
Tyres size 8.5 inches/21.6cm
App monitor Yes
Bluetooth Yes
Minimum age 14+ years
Max. rider weight 264.5lbs(120kg)
Other Functions
Folding mechanism Easy 2 steps folding (require hand)
Info display Full coloured info dashboard display
Information on LED Screen Current Speed, Battery level, Cruise control, Headlight, which mode is activated, maintenance, Temperature, turn signal indicator headlight on/off, Trip distance, etc
Riding modes 3 Riding modes (Eco-6km/h, Drive-15km/h and Sport modes-25km/h)
Cruise Control Yes
Bell Yes
NFC technology (for un/lock) No
Certified reflectors Yes (front, rear and side E-MARK reflectors)
i9 Electric Scooter Unboxing and Assembly Video

1. My battery doesn't last long/short range

Just like electric cars, electric scooter range can be affected by many different factors.

For example, electric cars have a maximum range but going up steep hills, adding more weight / passengers or driving fast will all contribute to faster battery usage and therefore a reduction in the true range achieved.

The same applies to E-Scooters, the key factors that will impact the range you achieve are:

1.The model you bought (Typically E-Scooters higher up the range have greater battery capacity and longer range)
2.The average speed you ride at (‘Eco mode’ will have a greater range than the ‘Sport mode’ drive setting)
3.Weight of the rider (A 70KG rider requires less energy to move than a 120KG rider)
4.Whether you are riding up-hills vs riding on level surfaces
5.Your tyre pressure (Tyres below the optimal 36PSI cause more drag when moving and can reduce range vs fully inflated tyres)
6.The temperature (Just like electric cars and mobile phones, batteries perform optimally in warm weather. Battery performance will be lower during the colder winter months)
7.The terrain you ride on (Smooth surfaces have less friction)
8.iScooter E-Scooter range claims are based upon standard testing regulations with a 70KG rider at 25 degrees Celsius on a stable surface.

We’d also advise charging your scooter to full capacity before any journey. This will be shown when the indicator on your charging unit turns green.

Looking for further support? If the above tips haven’t helped, please contact our customer team at with your order number (it will look like
IHB11400UK) and the details of the issue you’re experiencing and we’ll be in touch to get the problem resolved.

2. Adjust the speed to 30km/h

For this problem, you could try to do it as follows:
1. Please fully charge the scooters.
2. Please search for MiniRobot on Google Play Store (Android) or Apple Store (iOS), please download and install the APP.
3. Please turn on the Bluetooth on your mobile phone, and go close to the scooter. The APP will connect with the scooter.

The i9 scooter needs to set the maximum speed in the APP, you can set the speed to 30 km / h in the APP. As the ranges tested by our product team, and then the scooter could reach 30 km / h on flat ground.

3. Connecting to the Bluetooth

Could you please check the following problems firstly?

1. Please check whether the mobile phone positioning is enabled (it needs to be enabled)
2. Please check whether the APP is downloaded correctly (please Scan the instruction manual on the QR code to download the APP)
3. Please try to change anthor phone (some mobile phones may have adaptability problems)

4. My E-Scooter wont switch on

E-Scooter won’t switch on / dashboard doesn’t light up

Let’s try the basics first (sometimes it’s a nice, easy fix!).

Check your e-scooter is definitely charged (Yes, we know… but you’d be surprised how often this is the solution!).
Check the charger – when plugged in and turned on, is there a red or green light? If not then it’s likely there’s an issue with your charger. In this instance contact the customer team to organize a replacement.
Once your scooter is fully charged, hold the On/Off button for three seconds.
If these checks don’t help, then you’re in need of more expert help. Please contact our customer team at with your order number (it will look like IHB11414UK) and the details of the issue you’re experiencing and we’ll be in touch to get the problem resolved.

E-Scooter turns on but won’t accelerate
iScooter E-Scooters have a safety feature that prevents them from starting from standstill. This is to stop you accidentally hitting the throttle and causing the e-scooter to potentially move unexpectedly from under you.

When you're ready to go, all you need to do is “kick-off” with a single firm push getting the E-Scooter to a walking pace. Once going, depress the throttle and the motor will kick in.

Still not starting?
Your e-scooter’s problem might be a little more rare, but don’t worry! We’re on hand to fix it and get you back on the road quickly.

Please contact our customer team at with your order number (it will look like IHB11414UK) and the details of the issue you’re experiencing and we’ll be in touch to get the problem resolved.

5. Install the seat with i9 Electric Scooter

Here is a video of installing the seat for your reference:

Max Range
18.6 miles
25 miles
28 miles
28 miles
28 miles
Max Speed
Battery Capacity
7.5 Ah
10.4 Ah
Front and Rear double Suspension
Front and Rear double Suspension
Front and Rear double Suspension
Front and Rear double Suspension
Net Weight
26.4 lbs
(12 kg)
35.3 lbs
108*43*112 cm
122*63*125 cm
Tire Size
Tire Type
Honeycomb solid
Honeycomb solid
Honeycomb off-road tires
Pneumatic off-road tires
Pneumatic off-road tires
Peak Load
Break light,
Turn light
Break light,
Turn light
Break light,
Turn light,
Ambient light
Break light,
Turn light,
Ambient light
Break light,
Turn light,
Ambient light
Electronic brake +Disc brake
Electronic brake +Disc brake
Front and rear mechanical disc
brake + electric brake
Front and rear mechanical disc
brake + electric brake
Front and rear mechanical disc
brake + electric brake
APP control

1 x i9 Folding Electric Scooter
1 x Charger
1 x Manual
4 x Screws + 1 x Allen Wrench

🚚Shipping- Free shipping on all orders to the United Kingdom, 1-3 business days delivery time.

💝Return & Refund Guarantee- 30 Days Money Back & 12 Months Warranty.

📞Customer Support- Please email to Our experts will reply within 24 hours.

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New Frontier for Commuting

The iScooter i9 Electric Scooter is the perfect fit for daily commuting and outdoor entertaining riding.

Battery Management System For Protection

Designed to keep you safe, the BMS monitors the working status of the battery at all times and provides overcharge and discharge protection, short circuit protection, and temperature protection.

Multi-Point Protection

Featuring a 2.1W front light, the i9 provides better darkness visibility. For additional protection and safety, the rear brake light and E-Mark-certified reflectors ensure you’re constantly noticeable to avoid collisions

Dual Brake System for Enhanced Safety

The front electronic brake works with the rear disc brake, controlled by one lever, to ensure an efficient and reliable braking system.

Weather Resistant Riding

The IPX4 waterproof with mudguard and weather-resistant design accommodates a broader range of uses, letting you ride safely no matter the weather.

8.5-inch Strong Honeycomb Solid Tires

An excellent riding experience starts with the tires. The i9 cheap electric scooter comes with cheap electric scooter tires of 8.5 inches. These tires are puncture-proof, maintenance-free, and provide better shock absorption capability.

Smart Control LED Dashboard

Designed to be simple and user-friendly, the i9 cheap electric scooters for adults allows you to have full control over your ride with single push of your dashboard.

Take Your i9 scooter Anywhere

With its lightweight and easy-folding design, you can take your i9 electric scooter anywhere: on an elevator or public transportation, stored in your workplace or at home, or tucked away in the trunk of your car.

Customer Reviews

Based on 179 reviews
Alan Harrison
Great scooter

My kid loves to ride scooters and he wants me to ride bikes with him. This is the best moment of the family package. The package arrives in perfect condition, the product is secure. It's a smooth ride and easy to use.


Bought for my son for his birthday and he was not disappointed. Easy to fold, steady frame, smooth,quiet ride and a long lasting battery. The scooter I originally purchased had unfortunately ran out of stock but thanks to the brilliant customer service (who where there to answer any questions with quick replies) we where able to order the i9, which still arrived in time for his birthday. Overall fantastic scooter and great customer service!

Paul Gideon
i9 All The Way…

Amazing product and value for money. Best purchase ever!


The scooter is easy to fold, can easily fit under a subway or train seat. The price is definitely an advantage compared to other similar products.

Banovsha seyidova