iHoverboard Payment Verification

Thank you for your Ihoverboard.com order.
Please read the notes on this page carefully
so we can verify your order and send out your goods.

Why am I being asked to "Verify" my payment?

Because your order has been held for a standard anti-fraud check by Ihoverboard.

Thank you for your patience in this process and please continue reading to understand the reasons and verification better.

If you are not sure about which order we are talking about(you need to be logged in at Ihoverboard to see your orders.)

"But I already gave you my payment details - why do you need anything more??"

Sometimes, unfortunately, thieves gain access to people's credit card details or Paypal accounts.

The thieves often try to use the stolen details to pay for products bought online.

Chinavasion anti fraud
It's Our Obligation To Have Strict
Anti-Fraud Checks In Place...
Thank You For Your Understanding

When you pay us your credit card or bank card payment is processed by Paypal and not by Ihoverboard directly. Therefore we have not seen any of your financial details or your credit card details.

This is why we have to confirm whether the payment was authorized by the payment account holder or not.

To protect everyone against a small number of fraudsters, we have to apply these ID verification checks to some first-time and returning customers randomly.

What do I need to do next?

You need to reply to us and send us:

  • Proof that you are the person who paid the order.
  • Or, if the order was paid by someone else, proof that the card holder made/authorized the payment.

See below to find out which documents we require to prove this.


Clearly photograph or scan your documents.

- By EMAIL - Simply reply to our email -support@ihoverboard.com attaching your images.

*You need to make sure that your attachments are under 3 MB total size, or if you don't know how to reduce the size, send to our gmail account:support@ihoverboard.com in order to ensure successful delivery.

Which verification documents are acceptable?

The following are best for verifying that the payment was authorized. Please ensure that your scanned image is as clear as possible and avoid strong JPG compression that makes the image fuzzy.



A picture of your nationally recognised photo IDsuch as:

SHOW the full name, expiry date (document must be up to date)

SHOW the face, address (if available)

HIDE any sensitive data such as date of birth that you view as confidential. The name must be shown clearly.

NOTE: Photographed Image/Picture must be in COLOR(no black-white image), entirely visible and the document edge must be visible (no cropped image).

OK: Driver's licence of the person who made the payment.

OK: National ID Card of the person who made the payment.

OK: Passport photo page of the person who made the payment.



A scan of the FRONT of the credit card used to pay for the order. Blank out the numbers for your own privacy. The full name should be shown.

HIDE the numbers.
SHOW the card holder name.

If your payment is by a company

If your payment is by a company (company name not a private name) then, instead of photo ID you can provide proof that you are a representative of the company. To protect your document we advise you watermark or partially deface the image.

A company registration certificate is a
good way to verify your payment is genuine
if paid by the company credit card.
Watermark or deface the image to protect your document.

If your billing address is a different country to your shipping address...

If you made the payment using a credit card or bank card in your home country, but you are staying overseas so the delivery address is another country, it will help us if you also show us a proof of address that matches the delivery address, e.g. a household utility bill or a bank statement. Again, be careful to blank out anything you don't want us to see.

A bill linking your name with your delivery address
may help in addition to your proof of ID,
where your credit card or bank card
billing address is in a different home country.

Simply claiming that "the payment was authorized"
will not be enough, see above for the correct
documents that you need to submit.

Not Acceptable / Not Sufficient:

- Paypal receipt

- Unofficial ID

- Bills or bank statements

- Blurry documents

- Website whois information

- Letterhead or unofficial proof of address

This is not acceptable because it looks like you used photoshop to fake the name.

This is not acceptable because your attachment image is too small for us to read.

This is not acceptable because your scan was too blurry for us to read.

What happens next?

Your order will be approved as soon as we
receive your information and
confirm the payment was authorized.

  1. We will contact you to tell you we have received your document(s) within one working day.
  2. If your verification document(s) are OK we will confirm your order will be sent out, and soon afterwards you will receive your tracking number.
  3. If there is any problem we will contact you to discuss the issue. If we cannot get a reply from you within five working days from the original request for verification, we will cancel your order and refund the payment in full so we are not holding your funds unnecessarily.

What if I do NOT agree to go through this check?

If you are concerned about confidentiality, please note:

If you do not agree to go through the check, no problem.

Just tell us clearly that you do not accept it, and we will cancel and refund your order without question.

*If you refuse to complete the verification check please note we reserve the right to flag your iHoverboard account as disapproved and immediately cancel any orders you attempt to place in the future.

**Refunds will be completed within 2 business days of receiving your request. Refunds can only be made to the originating account.

Is it safe to send you such documents?

You're right to be concerned. Always be careful where you send your confidential data.

Check the list below:
we follow strict data protection policies.

In this verification process it's safe because:

  • You blank out credit card numbers and any sensitive information.
  • We only use the information one time for verifying your order.
  • After your order is verified any printouts will be shredded and any digital data will be deleted.
  • Similarly, if your order cannot be verified we will destroy the information and not save anything.
  • Only trained, long-term staff in the company are allowed to ask for your verification details, and no other staff can view your data. It is strictly controlled.
  • Your information is NEVER shared with anyone else and will NEVER be used for any purpose except this verification check.

Click to view the full iHoverboard Privacy Policy

If you cannot accept this verification process, no problem, just tell us and we will cancel and refund your order without question.

Do I need to do this every time I order?

No, after we verify this order with you, your future orders will be approved into processing immediately.

The only exception is if you later make a very large order payment by Paypal shipping to a new or higher-risk unconfirmed address. In such a case we'll explain the requirements personally to you.

Thank you for your understanding and assistance!

Leave us a message

"Please note that if you do not receive a response from us, you can contact us at the following email address : support@ihoverboard.com, you can contact us at the following email address: support@ihoverboard.com. We will reply within 24 hours."

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