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My personal E4 scooter experience

Why do we recommend that you buy a scooter that can be folded, this is very convenient and small, not too much, as we are a person working in the field for a year, the folding scooter is definitely a very good substitute tool, and some people are sure to think, I should buy an electric car directly, and you will not worry about the possibility of being placed outdoors, and my electric car won't have all the possibilities, it may be stolen, or...

I am 4.5 kilometers from where I work every day, but it takes me almost half an hour to take the bus every day. He may pay me more time and squeeze the subway when there is no traffic jam, but I still need to walk more than ten minutes from where I go to work. I wonder if you have the same awkward problems as me. If I am going to buy an electric car at work at night, But I need to think about where I put the electric  bicycle after work. There is no special place for electric cars downstairs. All these are the issues I need to consider. As a person who lives in other provinces, I have one at work every day. With a folding scooter, it's really a very good walking tool for me.

Scooter design


  • the car folds the column; the pedal in this way is integrated and folded on the steering column on the front wheel. The advantage is that the pedal structure is stable, the disadvantage is that the brake line and signal line on the steering column are not easy to arrange, and the bare outside does not look good .
  • the folding part is on the pedal, that is, the front wheel and the steering column are integrated, and the rear of the steering column is connected to the pedal through the hinge.There is also an upgraded version, which can install seats, shorten the time of the station, and give us some weight loss.

So, why encourage young people to go to work and use electric scooter, just to bring ourselves more convenience?

Do you know why we use the scooter? we just want to get up late in the morning, squeeze the bus every day, squeeze the subway, have a walking tool, and go out to play can also provide us with some convenience, so whether it is your free shuttle, skateboard scenery, skateboarding world needs us to explore and appreciate, E4 scooter, sliding feeling. Experience the technological products of the era of progress, enjoy the improvement of the quality of life brought about by high technology, the second is the last one or two kilometers of short walk, such as from home to the station, from the station to the office, the average walking speed of one kilometer is one kilometer. 10 minutes, the ride can save about half the time, so we just need to save some of the trouble.If you are far from where you work, still think choosing subway and bus is a better walking tool.   


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