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Do You Know The Top Speed Of The Hoverboard ?

Before buying a hoverboard ,we need to consider the size and the weight , most important is the speed of the hoverboard that we can ride .So how is the top speed of the hoverboards ? An Hoverboard’s top speed is determined by a few different factors: the wheel size, the electric motors’ power and the safety choices of the company.

Here we can see some example of the iHoverboard hoverboards top speed .

1.6.5 inch Classic A1 Hoverboard :

This hoverboard can only get up to a top speed of 10km/h.The 6.5 inch wheel most likely among kids , the speed is good for them .

2.A9 series LED light hoverboards :

This Bluetooth hoverboard with LED light , has much higher speed than the classic hoverboard. the max speed can be as max as 30km/h .with this speed , it can be a little fast to children .

3.8 Inch Two Wheels Hoverboard .

8 Inch Two Wheels hoverboard

This hoverboard is much heavier than the 6.5 inch hoverboard. so the speed can't be over than the 6.5 inch hoverboard. mostly , the max speed of the hoverboard is about 12km/h  . but with this speed . I think it's ok for most people . the wheel is strong .

At last , to recommend some popular hoverboards with good speed .10 Inch Hoverboard with Max Speed:15km/h . 8 Inch Bluetooth  Hoverboard

Pink color plating hoverboard.

For More hoverboards , can directly go our official iHoverboard Website to see more .

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