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A little knowledge of hoverboard

 With the sound of graduation season, iHoverboard balance car Mall offers you a variety of balance cars, scooters, ebike, and in this graduation season, take your favorite scooter to start your graduation trip. In the graduation season with students to take the balance car to the outdoor green, outdoor absorption of fresh air. Step out of the graduation door, open your new journey, an intelligent hoverboard can let you forget the troubles of life, get rid of those bad memories, so that you can play more soundly, release yourself.

When you bring the balance car to encounter a simple problem, do not panic, you can do it yourself, let you continue your hoverboard trip.

1.How to reset your hoverboard

When you encounter a self balance hoverboard  motor can not maintain balance, you need to reset your balance car, let him return to normal.

How to solve this problem, first set the hoverboard to off state, maintain balance, and then press the switch-on key, until the balance car red light flashes out, reset is completed, press the boot key again.

2.How to test your hoverboard motor problem:

We usually see that most people are used to checking his suspension board by putting their hands on the mat, and then pressing hard to test the suspension board. But in fact, it can only say anything, will only make the wheel shake violently.

But this does not mean that there is a problem with the suspension skateboard. This is the right way to do it:

Step 1: lift one side of the motor in the electrified state;

Step 2: press a contact on a hit pad, and when you tilt the wheel forward, it rotates forward; when the wheel is tilted backward, it rotates backward.

Step3: changes it to another contact on the same pad.

When the wheel is tilted forward, it will turn forward;

Turn backwards when the wheel is tilted backward.

Note: during the test, the blade lamp under the gasket and the LED light on the wheel flicker.

Step 4: move to the other wheel side and repeat the same operation as the first wheel side.

Press a contact on a hit pad

When the wheel is tilted backward, it rotates backward;

When the wheel is tilted forward, it will turn forward;

Change it to another contact on the same pad.

When the wheel is tilted forward, it will turn forward;

When the wheel is tilted backward, it rotates backward;

3.How to use the hoverboard safely

Lithium batteries use metal splitters to separate positive and negative electrodes to prevent short circuits. Short circuits can cause lithium-ion batteries to heat up rapidly, and if you see the battery begin to expand, smoke or overheat at any time, stop using and charging immediately. Do not store batteries in direct sunlight, in very hot or cold places, or in places where heavy objects are pressed. It recommends that consumers use dedicated power adapters and do not try to turn on or remove batteries or power adapters.

Driving a balance car on an uneven road or hitting an object with it can damage the battery, so try to play the self balance hoverboard in a flat place. When using this product, be sure to wear the appropriate helmet and protective gear. We recommend not to drive the balance car near the motor vehicle.

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