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Monthly Archives: March 2019

  • What skills do you need to play a rookie skateboarding?

    The fashion skateboarders always like to show their slide skills on the street and in some places, but not everyone can do the same as they do, and that's as flexible as it is.Remember when I played a skateboard, for the first time when I was almost a teenager, and for me, I just stood up, glided directly, didn't learn any skills, didn't practice a few more times, and the consequences were conceivable, and I fell to the bottom of the sky.so if you want to same as the fashion skateboarders-make more practice,make more perfect.So,what skills do you need to play a rookie skateboarding?

    1.Obstacle slip skills

     Among the obstacle slip skills, quick stop and sharp turn are very important skills. When sliding down the slope, the speed is relatively fast, you must learn to use your feet to keep on the skateboard, and turn the skateboard to brake the horizontal stop to stop the movement. There are two ways to change the speed of the skateboard: First, use the hind foot to control the center of gravity and try to make the body lean forward to drive the skateboard forward; the second is to make the bang's flexible skateboard surface with both feet and use the elastic to slide forward. As long as you have mastered the balance as described above and have flexibility at your feet, you are mastering the technology of obstacle slipping.

    2. skateboarding single rotation skills

     The skater drives to the proper speed, lifts the front end of the skateboard, and makes a 360-degree rotation with the rear wheel. To master the balance of the body, try to keep the skateboard in the air for a long time. Grasp the front end of the skateboard with your hand and hold the balance fulcrum so that the person and the skateboard rotate together. Then the back foot skates on one side of the skateboard, grabbing the skateboard with your hand, so that one wheel of the rear wheel is off the ground, at least two turns or more.

    3.downhill slip skills

    Try to choose a longer slide, preferably with a fast down section, a medium speed down section, and a long-distance buffer section. This kind of slide is best for beginners to practice downhill slip. The technical focus of downhill slip is control, and speed is second. First learn to be smooth. When you are sliding downhill, place your feet on both ends of the skateboard. When you encounter a turn or need to do a crossover, move your feet to the center of the skateboard. The face and body should face straight ahead. The body crouched down, the thighs were close to the front chest, and both hands were extende.

    If you want to try more skateboarding skills and want to skateboard with your friends and family. Should you choose a suitable skateboard for yourself? You want to get more experirnce from the skateboard, please take a closer look at our website,there are a lot of discounts and offers waiting for you.

  • The New electric scooter in 2019

    With our busy and fast-paced life, we need to speed up our pace to catch up with the current work environment, and with the improvement of our spiritual civilization, we are pursuing a healthier lifestyle. The scooter gives you a more different state of life.Love time,love your electric scooters.It's more elegant, and it's more solid and light in the bones, and the beauty can be as light as it is.

    The worst bit of a journey is often the final part, or last mile, as it’s become known. Parking in city centre can be difficult and expensive, and getting off a train into the city and then getting on an overcrowded bus or underground can sometimes take nearly as long as the much longer part of your trip to and from home. So it’s little wonder that people are looking to alternative ways of filling in that gap. The growth in sales of folding scooter over the last ten years bears this out, as does the number of people you see walking or running to and from work.

    Electric scooters are an undeniably awesome way to get around.  with the electric scooter is different of skateboard  , it doesn’t really take much practice to figure out how to ride a scooter safely. You also don’t need a license like you do with a motorcycle or a car. And best of all? You also don’t have to pay for gas or insurance as an electric scooter owner.  But if you’d rather not rent scooters from a ride share program, check out these awesome ones that you can buy outright. Enjoy!

    Electric scooters are eco-friendly and versatile choice for any number of riding requirements. They are best described as two or three wheeled electric-powered vehicles commonly used by teens, active adults and kids. They are perfect for meeting short-distance transportation needs, like running errands or getting to work or school. They are great way to help the environment and reduce pollution. Not to mention that they are fun fun fun! The models we offer in our store are engineered from quality parts.

    We  offers different electric scooter models that are developed to satisfy different types of customers from fun and colourful small electric scooters for kids to extra light, compact and easy to carry mini electric scooters for ladies and powerful and fast electric scooters with high acceleration for ambitious gentlemen.We also offers extra durable electric scooters with safety-focused design and high distance ride. The electric scooter full charge for touristic and rental services,a new choice for our modern life.

    the new scooter Scooter---8.5 Inch Motor Easy Folding E-Scooter

    iHoverboard offers different electric scooter models that are developed to satisfy different types of customers from fun and colourful small electric scooters for kids to extra light, compact and easy to carry mini electric scooters for ladies and powerful and fast electric scooters with high acceleration for ambitious gentlemen.

  • How to know whether a hoverboard is safe or not?

    Before you can use the balance board very well, I hope you can take the knee pad and other tools to protect yourself, and the teenagers want to run out of the hoverboard with the parents.We still suggest that you practice more indoors so that you can easily use it, so that you can take it out with you to absorb fresh air and attract attention.

    Don't go to the rough road on purpose

    You often go to steeper places on the mountain road is not good for the board and for yourself, often do this, reduce the hoverboaed useful life span , you can not enjoy playing with it, and you still need to protect yourself, We hope that our balance board can bring you convenience, life fun, but also a safe balance board, will not cause damage to your body. At night,Hoverboards have lights, but they are low and not that bright.These have small lithium-ion batteries such as those you have in your phone or computer and are quite safe. They must be charged, just like phones and computers, but the soles not only light up but continue to flash and change colors and attract more attention than just the single-colored solid lights on the hoverboards.

    Don't leave the hoverboard to overcharge

    The hoverboard battery is also have the life span.Battery damage and leaks are some of the major causes of the balance board catching fire. Which is why, you must adhere to the regulations put down by the while charging the ihoverboard. You must make sure that you charge the device for the required amount and not more than that. The recent models of the ihoverboards do not allow it to overcharge but care must be taken for the same.


    Dont challenge it too much

    Please take good care of your hoverboard.  Please treat it in a friendly way or it will be far from you.All consumer goods undergo quality assurance testing before they are sold to the public. However, this does not mean that the hoverboard you purchased is invincible and unbreakable. It can handle small bumps and minor crashes,  but that does not give you the license to do it all the time.

    Handle and ride your hoverboard with care, especially because it is powered by a highly volatile lithium-ion battery. Hey, if smartphones can explode due to battery-related matters, there is no reason for your hoverboard, which faces much more possibility of bumping, crashing, and many other forms of mishandling, should be spared from such accidents.In fact, hoverboards have been in the news a lot due to incidents of them exploding or simply just catching fire.


    Don't go too careful  for price

    Choose ahoverboard with good quality to better protect yourself. It's a good choice to choose a balance hoverboard with an intelligent setting,the ihoverboard products have intelligence -TECH,with bluetooth and LED board.Buy only from reputable sellers, and check the labels on the box or the device itself. See to it that your hoverboard passes all required inspections and standards and has all the necessary certifications.

    I hope you can enjoy the fun of our hoverboard.

  • What is the story of hoverboard?

    A hoverboard (or hover board) is a fictional levitating board used for personal transportation, first described by author M. K. Joseph in 1967 and popularized by the Back to the Future film franchise. Hoverboards are generally depicted as resembling a skateboard without wheels.

     Do you know how it works about  hoverboard  ?

     One question pops up frequently about hoverboards: how do they work? Well, the rider is able to stay upright and be propelled forward with a little bit of practice. A hoverboard consists of the following:

    Gyroscope: Adjusts the tilt of the hoverboard to maintain balance.

    Microprocessors: These tiny processors regulate the power output to the wheels.

    Battery: Stores the electrical power for your scooter. This is usually a high-watt lithium battery.The lithium battery has the advantages of multiple charging times, no memory, good cycle characteristics, fast discharge, high efficiency, wide operating temperature range, no environmental pollution,

    Motor: Provides the power to the wheels to keep the rider balanced and upright.

    We're playing a balancing board. We need to keep the balance. Keep it running.The most important function of self-balance is to keep (you) upright. In order to do this, the direction of vehicle monitoring is tilted. Moreover,which  is also connected to the microprocessor, helps to collect information about the tilt of the hoverboard. The motor inside the hoverboard changes the power output to keep the rider in balance. Each self-balancing switch is different, which means that everyone uses different batteries, a new set, and a motor.

    When you buy a hoverboard what is a main factor?

     We may be affected by a number of factors such as price, product quality, product weight, speed of operation, warranty and so on. Have you considered all the features, so you know exactly what to buy? You should decide to buy after you have made up your mind, take into account the factors you like most or compare them, and decide to buy them. Even though this hoverboard is not replace bus ,subway,but as it is a sport equipment.

    Which age is more suitable for portable hoverboard?

    Most hoverboards are not recommended for use for children under the age of 13. However, there are many parents who have not followed this warning. Kids are young and spontaneous; their judgment and decision-making skills aren't fully developed. Do not trust them to be in control of a board that can drive at a speed of up to 10 mph.

    But 6.5 inch is a standard size hoverboard ideal for children and adults.if you want to for a kids choose present ,maybe this is a better choice-choose 6 inch electronic scooter bike.

    unique battery hoverboard

    Do you know what kind of hoverboard there is?

     1.Without LED and without Bluetooth hoverboard

    2.Some have LED without Bluetooth

    3.some with Bluetooth and with LED

    4.6 inch ,8 inch and 10 inch hoverboard

    5.some scooter

    Some boards include lights, others don't. Should a rider be out at dusk or in the dark, they should not rely on these lights, and always make sure they have clothing that allows them to be identified by nearby drivers.

    Some board include LED lights and Bluetooth,When we ride a balance board,When we are riding, there is a cool feeling that gives us a better experience.If you like to play scooter ,in there ,you can also to select scooter.


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