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Hoverboard , Balance Scooter Use Tips and Skills - iHoverboard Blog

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  • Happy holiday Have a good time with the ihoverboard

    Happy holiday Have a good time with the ihoverboard

  • The best scooter, electric bike, hovervboard for your family time

    Whether you are buying for your child or for yourself, we think these hoverboards, scooter, and e-bike are all looking for a happier, healthier, easier, and more sustainable way to travel. We are passionate and everyone – young and old – can enjoy the thrill of a scooter designed around their specific needs. What do you think?

    The main sales on our website are charged folding scooters, some of which are even more complete, can be connected to APP, and speed display, the fastest SCOOTER can reach 50km / h, providing a speed and passionate lifestyle. In some cities, it may not be possible to drive on the road, but it does not affect the happier, healthy, relaxed and sustainable concept of scooters. We also sell electronic bicycles. This bicycle provides us with a bicycle tour and is also a very good experience. Do you like the life of three or five groups? Still like to have a bicycle trip at night or on holidays, you can exercise and let you see the surrounding scenery. You can stop and go. When the battery is low, you can pedal, when you need help. When you can power and pedal boost. This is also a very necessary feature.
    Therefore, you can browse our website for electric scooters, stunt skateboards, hoverboard,e-bike we have your travel tools for you and your children, you and your children always like to take a bike ride, our car can Folding, you can even take him out on a trip, and its most famous benefit is to bring you better health. Not only will you notice an improvement in your daily health - even if you have a very modest ride every day, it will increase quickly - but not so obvious, your long-term health will improve. Most importantly, just go out and pedal, you can start an effective lifestyle change without the need for an expensive gym or forced fitness system. And because cycling is an ineffectual activity, injuries are rare. So you can invest in your future with simple, regular, easy or free rides. While cycling with friends or family is always fun, your bike can offer you some unique benefits. If you decide to cycle your commute regularly, you will find that your time management is greatly improved: there is no waiting for traffic jams or platform platforms. Your mental health will also improve, and you will be taken home by car to provide relief from the pressure of the day. If you don't have a season ticket or fare, you can even save on travel costs.

    We have also prepared a range of accessories that are suitable for cycling and cycling. To make sure you slide safely. In addition, our range of luminaries, bells, safety mats, etc. will ensure that you not only do a safe search safely, but you can also do this.

    Hoverbaord, we have kart frame for kids, and handle, these gadgets, children can play their hoverboard, when the child just played, we can ride a bicycle leisurely short-distance tour, need to be uneven Walking on the road, you should buy an OFF ROAD. This is a good choice. When you want to go to a local bicycle tour with your lover, it seems good to bring a solar panel on the back. What do you think?

    Sometimes we may think before buying, why should I buy an electric bike?
    There are many reasons why you may need to get some pedal assistance in your life.

    Maybe you have to carry a lot of cargo, and the added power may mean the difference between using your bike or still rotating your legs. You just bring convenience to yourself, and in the long run, it seems more cost-effective, whether it is the economy or our health, so we just buy it for a better self.

  • Is it necessary to maintain the hoverboard?

    Now that we are in the park, we can see kids and teenagers playing hoverboard on the road. You may have seen someone traveling on a hoverboard in your area. The suspension slide is constructed in such a way that each wheel is equipped with its own speed sensor, tilt and gyroscope. The sensor is mounted directly under the mat, the rider puts his or her feet on the suspension board, and looks at the lighter he has stepped under his feet. He can move around and play freely. This hoverboard is a very good toy for children.

    How do we use them flexibly?

    When you place your foot on the board, once the rider leans forward or backward, the gyroscope sends the data to the logic board. If the rider stands directly on the board and does not tilt in any direction, an infrared sensor mounted directly below the foot will send data to the logic board to prevent it from emitting. This is how the sensor adjusts the movement of the person when he or she places his or her feet on the foot-pad and balances the scooters.

    Now, you may have noticed that the hoverboard runs faster when you tilt in a particular direction. This is related to the wrestling force generated by your feet. When the logic board detects the pressure and then increases the speed, more tilt will produce more speed.

    We buy a hoverboard for a while, the battery and the wheel is a very common problem, and this is also a reason for us to use it, so we need to pay attention to it.
    Most hoverboards have very thin wheels. This makes it difficult for the rider to travel on uneven or rocky surfaces. It takes a little effort to maintain the hoverboard. First, you should make sure the battery is charging properly. If you have just fully charged the battery, you must use it within a day or two.

    When you buy a new hoverboard, you have to consider a few factors. Standard air cushions start at around £100 to £200, but they can also cost as much as $1,000. Cheaper hoverboard are manufactured using lower quality components and they generally do not last long. The more expensive models are rugged and made of durable materials, so they have a relatively long service life compared to standard models.

    If you need to store the glider for a long time, you should charge the battery half and store it. Battery cells tend to discharge periodically over time, so half-battery also extends battery life. In addition, you should regularly clean the wheels of the hoverboard to ensure they do not get stuck.

    The fenders on the suspension pulleys are usually very low, so they often come into contact with the wheels when driving on uneven surfaces. If there is a layer of dirt on the wheels, this may make the gliders more difficult to operate properly. These are some simple tips for properly maintaining the hoverboard.

  • My personal E4 scooter experience

    Why do we recommend that you buy a scooter that can be folded, this is very convenient and small, not too much, as we are a person working in the field for a year, the folding scooter is definitely a very good substitute tool, and some people are sure to think, I should buy an electric car directly, and you will not worry about the possibility of being placed outdoors, and my electric car won't have all the possibilities, it may be stolen, or...

    I am 4.5 kilometers from where I work every day, but it takes me almost half an hour to take the bus every day. He may pay me more time and squeeze the subway when there is no traffic jam, but I still need to walk more than ten minutes from where I go to work. I wonder if you have the same awkward problems as me. If I am going to buy an electric car at work at night, But I need to think about where I put the electric  bicycle after work. There is no special place for electric cars downstairs. All these are the issues I need to consider. As a person who lives in other provinces, I have one at work every day. With a folding scooter, it's really a very good walking tool for me.

    Scooter design


    • the car folds the column; the pedal in this way is integrated and folded on the steering column on the front wheel. The advantage is that the pedal structure is stable, the disadvantage is that the brake line and signal line on the steering column are not easy to arrange, and the bare outside does not look good .
    • the folding part is on the pedal, that is, the front wheel and the steering column are integrated, and the rear of the steering column is connected to the pedal through the hinge.There is also an upgraded version, which can install seats, shorten the time of the station, and give us some weight loss.

    So, why encourage young people to go to work and use electric scooter, just to bring ourselves more convenience?

    Do you know why we use the scooter? we just want to get up late in the morning, squeeze the bus every day, squeeze the subway, have a walking tool, and go out to play can also provide us with some convenience, so whether it is your free shuttle, skateboard scenery, skateboarding world needs us to explore and appreciate, E4 scooter, sliding feeling. Experience the technological products of the era of progress, enjoy the improvement of the quality of life brought about by high technology, the second is the last one or two kilometers of short walk, such as from home to the station, from the station to the office, the average walking speed of one kilometer is one kilometer. 10 minutes, the ride can save about half the time, so we just need to save some of the trouble.If you are far from where you work, still think choosing subway and bus is a better walking tool.   


  • A little knowledge of hoverboard

     With the sound of graduation season, iHoverboard balance car Mall offers you a variety of balance cars, scooters, ebike, and in this graduation season, take your favorite scooter to start your graduation trip. In the graduation season with students to take the balance car to the outdoor green, outdoor absorption of fresh air. Step out of the graduation door, open your new journey, an intelligent hoverboard can let you forget the troubles of life, get rid of those bad memories, so that you can play more soundly, release yourself.

    When you bring the balance car to encounter a simple problem, do not panic, you can do it yourself, let you continue your hoverboard trip.

    1.How to reset your hoverboard

    When you encounter a self balance hoverboard  motor can not maintain balance, you need to reset your balance car, let him return to normal.

    How to solve this problem, first set the hoverboard to off state, maintain balance, and then press the switch-on key, until the balance car red light flashes out, reset is completed, press the boot key again.

    2.How to test your hoverboard motor problem:

    We usually see that most people are used to checking his suspension board by putting their hands on the mat, and then pressing hard to test the suspension board. But in fact, it can only say anything, will only make the wheel shake violently.

    But this does not mean that there is a problem with the suspension skateboard. This is the right way to do it:

    Step 1: lift one side of the motor in the electrified state;

    Step 2: press a contact on a hit pad, and when you tilt the wheel forward, it rotates forward; when the wheel is tilted backward, it rotates backward.

    Step3: changes it to another contact on the same pad.

    When the wheel is tilted forward, it will turn forward;

    Turn backwards when the wheel is tilted backward.

    Note: during the test, the blade lamp under the gasket and the LED light on the wheel flicker.

    Step 4: move to the other wheel side and repeat the same operation as the first wheel side.

    Press a contact on a hit pad

    When the wheel is tilted backward, it rotates backward;

    When the wheel is tilted forward, it will turn forward;

    Change it to another contact on the same pad.

    When the wheel is tilted forward, it will turn forward;

    When the wheel is tilted backward, it rotates backward;

    3.How to use the hoverboard safely

    Lithium batteries use metal splitters to separate positive and negative electrodes to prevent short circuits. Short circuits can cause lithium-ion batteries to heat up rapidly, and if you see the battery begin to expand, smoke or overheat at any time, stop using and charging immediately. Do not store batteries in direct sunlight, in very hot or cold places, or in places where heavy objects are pressed. It recommends that consumers use dedicated power adapters and do not try to turn on or remove batteries or power adapters.

    Driving a balance car on an uneven road or hitting an object with it can damage the battery, so try to play the self balance hoverboard in a flat place. When using this product, be sure to wear the appropriate helmet and protective gear. We recommend not to drive the balance car near the motor vehicle.

  • Ihoverboard 2019 Teen Best Hoverboard

    When we choose one or more style of  hoverboard, we will always be dazzled, go to the entity choice, or online purchase, we are mainly worried about quality problems, after-sales problems, these do not have to worry, because these balance cars are tested before sale, and after sale, you will definitely look at how long the warranty period is before the purchase, where to repair after the use of the problem. You don't have to worry about that. We know that safety will be your primary concern when buying a hoverboard , after all, this is a gift for your child and will choose the best for your child.

    If you are looking for the most suitable balance hoverboard for teenagers, then you are in the right place in the end. It is difficult to find the best suspension skateboard to meet your needs because there are a lot of options on the market. Fortunately, we have tried and reviewed the best suspension board list for teenagers and adults so that we can help you choose a suspension board that suits your needs. These hoverboards provide a fast, comfortable and smooth experience for cyclists. And as a protective parent, I look for the best suspension board for my teenagers, because the safety of the child is the first.

    The  hoverboard must is safety,and this may be the first, if children carefully follow these guidelines, then can safely ride on the 6.5 inch hoverboard. In the past, however, suspended plates were prone to fire because overcharging overheated the battery. In many cases, fires are caused by battery failures, and many products are subject to strict quality control, so we can reduce this concern. Secondly, we will consider the price of the product, the price of suspended skis is another important factor you should consider. This is one of the biggest questions we get from our parents is asking about the price model of high quality electric balance hoverboard. What is the circumference? However, this can be a thorny issue because it depends on the model and size, and even on other factors of the circuit board, such as where it is made; we tend to note that balance hoverboard made in China are more cost-effective than they are.

    Hoverboard contains a lot of cool features, so we don't want it to be cheap. So for a 13-year-old glider, you can pay 120 or even 500 pounds. Some top brand boards can even cost 1000 pounds, but fortunately you don't have to break the bank to get a quality and safe glider for your teenagers.

    These are the best and most suitable balance cars for teenagers on our website at present, and they are the real experience of buyers. Most of them buy gifts for their children and will give them balance cars. If the child is a novice, parents may drop in a kart frame and think it is a better protection.

    6.5 Inch New Hoverboard Shinner With Bluetooth Function - Graffiti White Black

    This is a performance-to-price ratio of the balance car, with Bluetooth features, product performance is also very complete, so it is a good choice.

    -Wheel Diameter:6.5 inch     
    -Product weight:12kg
    -Tyre:Solid rubber,no need inflate
    -Motor type:Brushless DC motor
    -Motor size:250W-2
    -Max load:120kg
    -Max speed:10km/h-15km/h
    -Max run distance:20km
    -Min turning radius:0
    -Max climbing angle:20°
    - battery:36V 4.4AH
    -Charging:100-240V 50/60Hz
    -Charging time:90-120min
    -Waterproof level:IP54
    -Power switch LED works when turned on and keeps twinkling under protection circumstances.
    -Voice alert Beeps when turned on and has a low battery capacitity.


  • Which size of the hoverboard to buy is the most suitable for intimate people ?

    Personal air cushions are once again popular with the implementation of better safety regulations. Today's machines are a safe and decent way to travel. Suspension skateboards are available in a variety of styles and prices for children and adults. If you are looking for a replacement for walking which model is right for you, you may want to have so many sizes. How do I know what it would be good for me to buy for my son, daughter, prostitute, nephew, brother, sister or friend? If that is what you are going through, you have come to the right place.

    Since suspension boards have gained such popularity, wheel size has become a major determinant when purchasing suspension hoverboard Each size can meet the needs of the rider. Most of the standard hoverboards sold today are typically 6.5 "rounds," 4.5", 8" and 10" wheels with three other variations, and have become popular due to the need to accommodate all age groups.

    There are four main suspension pulley sizes to choose from; 6.5inch, 8inch,8.5inch 10inch,What is best for your wheeled air cushion will depend on your needs. Do you use the flying device as a toy to do the trick? Or as a means of transportation? Smaller hoverboards are more suitable for children and young riders, or if you use them as gadgets. Larger suspension skateboards are better for adults, or if you want to go from one place to another. Below we explain in detail each wheel size and give some of the benefits and limitations of each wheel size.

    Suspension boards and interesting gadgets, there are a variety of suspension boards on the market. However, the suspension plate requires different types of components to work properly, the most important of which is the wheel. We all know that floating skateboards with wheels are usually common, but you may not realize that the wheel size of the suspension pulleys usually makes a huge difference when the suspension skateboard is experienced indoors or outdoors. This is because the size of your suspension plate wheel is really important.

    So for most of these and the best suspension panels, there is a fundamental difference between them, actually the wheel size. The method of constructing and designing the suspension plate is generally the same, except that one of the design elements should be based on the size of the suspension plate wheel and the motivation is also the fact that a cheap suspension plate is made. So this is why wheel size comparison is very important.

    Hoverboard of different sizes are ready for you, with a variety of options

    Different sizes of hoverboard are mainly due to the size of the wheels, the passability, endurance and speed.

    6.5inch is more suitable for smaller riders and less experienced people.

    The life time of a balance car is more than one hour. You need to charge for about 3 hours. If it is not for some special reasons, you are full for about three hours, waiting for the green light to illuminate, you can stand on your balance car and start. Your car journey.

    It would be better to choose a 6.5inch hoverboard as a novice. We choose the hovrboard according to the actual situation. Although the hoverboard of different sizes will be different, do not be misled by the size.


  • Can we bring a hoverboard to travel abroad?

    If you are lucky enough to get a hoverboard in the Christmas stockings of this holiday season, you may have some trouble. After receiving this hoverboard, go on vacation soon and consider taking your ihoverboard hovercraft? If you are flying to a destination, you may fall into a rude awakening. So before you take your balance car and travel abroad, you must consider some things in advance. Can your balance car accompany you to soar in the sky and record your vacation with you.


    The hoverboards, known as self-balancing scooters in some circles, have been called the best toys of the year in the past few years. They are very interesting, practical, easy to drive, and have a small learning curve. The increasing popularity of skateboarding has also increased the review. This review, in turn, has led to stricter protection measures and manufacturing standards. But it also brings more stringent restrictions and, in most cases, a zero tolerance policy. This is the challenge for skateboarders who want to spend time with their board of directors.

    At present, the airline has given the standard. If it is no more than 100 wh, it can be taken on the plane, placed directly in the visible place, and carried around. If it exceeds the standard, it is necessary to inform the airline, and it may not be allowed to bring the air plane. What better way to do it if you really need to bring it. Is there any alternative to suspension board flight?

    If you absolutely need to carry your flying device with you - we fully understand! You may want to consider an alternative to boarding a plane. After all, in the case of several previous reports, passengers were not allowed to board the plane while carrying the hoverboard. Some people were even forced to leave their flying devices at the airport. So, if you really want to bring a city that you can send to arrive in advance, this may be a good choice, but you will need to pay some extra fees.


    Traveling with a hoverboard  is to be able to experience a better outdoor trip. I hope that whether you are riding on a flat lakeside road or driving on a high and low undulating grass, you can hardly feel the vibration bumps and enjoy riding. Smooth running comfort; cruising range up to 25Km, while enjoying the scenery, you don't have to worry too much about returning. The balance car can be used as a means of transportation. Appropriately relieve some fatigue and bring some necessary tools to open your For an outdoor trip, remember to prepare some small things. Don't worry about unnecessary things after you go out, equip your gadgets, start with a simple, cool trip.

  • Summer is here!Take your electric bike and start your cycling trip

    When you see all kinds of hoverboard, scooters,skateboard,Enter our website, or now as long as you search for hoverboard keywords, will automatically screen you out of different scooters, what problems do you have?If you're looking for an electric scooter, but are you confused? If you are, you can relax because you are in the right place.On our website, you will find that there are three main categories. Skateboard,hoverboard,scooter and e-bike, we don't know if you are clear about this classification.I know this task may sound difficult because there are a lot of electric scooter brands on the market, but there is a good side to this. You can easily find a model that is particularly suitable for you.

    This means that you can choose design, performance, battery type, or even the price you are willing to offer.Our website is happy to help you,You don't have to worry too much. And now we have introduced some new electric bicycles to provide some tools for our summer life. Have you prepared for yourself?It's summer now. Are you planning a summer trip?

    At present, we have ushered in a new style on our website, you can choose e-bike, in many cities to form a shared bike fever, China is currently sharing bicycles, electric bike, and sharing bike is a very hot thing.In summer, you can choose to ride an electric bike to get some fresh air outside. Summer is especially suitable for riding.

    In the summer, you can start your ride with our electric bike at Tisington Trail, starting from Parsley Hay in the north to Ashbourne, south, with a total length of 21 km (13 miles). It's an amazing view of the peak area along the way, the line is flat and it's not too hard for a ride to be a good idea for the people we just ride. You can also take home kids to the Swale Trail line in the Yorkshire Valley National Park Dales National Park, is it good to spend the summer holiday? There's actually only one way between the Great Lakes and the Great Lakes. In this place you don't have to be affected by other passengers, the number of people passing through is less and naturally becomes the paradise of the rider. The Yorkhan valley is actually made up of a number of valleys, so there are quite a lot of difficult routes, and the members are here to pick up the new The Swale Trail _ in 2018. From Rebeth to the simple mountain bike route in Swaledale to Keld, about 20 km (12 miles) in length. On the way there will be a dry stone wall (dry stone wall), a sheep, a barn, and the like on the grass, and can rest in a bar, a coffee shop and a bathroom in the Gunnerside area. The route is friendly to a rookie or a friendly, teenage child who conquers the path. Take our electric bike to open your ride with your family.


    D3 Folding Smart 7.8Ah Electric Bike

    ● 250W motor provides the max 25km/h speed and max 25 degree gradient.
    ●14 inch inflatable rubber tire for different grounds.
    ● Folding design for convenient carrying.
    ● Adjustable heights of saddle and handlebar for different heights of people.
    ● Pedal mode, moped mode, and pure electric mode for choose.
    ● LED front light to ride at night safely.
    ● Aluminum alloy shell for max 120kg payload.
    ● Suitable for adults and teenagers.





  • Hoverboard is the best gift birthday for children in 2019

    Suspension hoverboard are unlikely to replace your car, your bike or bus as a means of daily transportation-at least when you need to pass through more than a few miles of smooth paving surface access. You should know that balancing the speed and distance of the car is limited, but we will find them interesting. So giving a child as a gift is to bring him fun, isn't it?

    Every child of us wants to have a hoverboard, like an adult fascinated by a car, and we bet that almost every child has seen a suspension board, or at least you've seen videos of these gadgets on the Internet. Because they have become very popular in the past few years, especially for children who want to receive them as gifts. If you're not familiar with these self-balancing scooters, you'll see on our website that self balance hoverboard, skaterboard,scooters, all kinds of styles, both adults and children, can get a seat of their own. You don't have to spend too much time on our website. Choose, do not look at the eyes, have not yet chosen a suitable balance hoverbaord for yourself or you child. Like many gadgets, you can buy many different sizes, colors and designs. Are you still hesitating to buy a child's gift in 2019? you can choose a suitable balance hoverboard for your child and let him have his own small car.

    If you have visited Amazon and ebay before you enter our website, you will find that our products are still relatively low in terms of product design and configuration, and the performance-to-price ratio will be higher. But we also know that there have been some waves before the short history of small tools called suspensions. Scooters are popular social media favorites, with countless celebrities shilling them first. There were also accidents where, in the previous two years, some air cushions had been burned to the ground. But our balance car has been tested by a lot of people, and you can be trusted. Children play with this new hoverboard  and pursue safety. The coefficient is higher, there is more concern about the product, if you intend to buy suspension skateboard, our website provides you with more options. The safety index of the product is very high, can eliminate most competitors, safe, easy to drive suspension hoverboard.

    It takes at least a few minutes to get used to skateboarding-longer for some people. We suggest wearing a helmet. Maybe a friend walks behind you and is ready to catch you if you fall. Once you master it, it's like riding a bike: you rarely think it's doing it. In order to move forward, you tilt your feet forward cleverly; when you turn, all you have to do is put a little pressure on the mat. The hardest part is getting on and off, because once you lose weight, the board will start moving a little bit. Your best choice is to stick to it when you start and get off the horse, at least at the beginning. Our hoverboard  should be in startup mode. The suspension board is not very sensitive, so it is more stable when you get in and out of the car, so it is a good idea for us to give the child.

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